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Getting Help From South Carroll Youth Lacrosse Program:

Welcome to the South Carroll Youth Lacrosse Online Registration System!!

This system will allow you to register your children 24/7.  If you are new to our programs, you will be required to setup an account the first time you login to the system. For future use, you will have a username and password, which will allow you to make changes to your personal information such as address, email, or phone number.




All players with one year of organized lacrosse experience are encouraged to attend the appropriate scheduled evaluation sessions. Evaluations will be performed by independent evaluators as well as the coaching staff based on a criteria approved by the SCYLP board. Upon written request a meeting can be scheduled with the appropriate director for a review of the participants final evaluation with a parent or guardian. Evaluations will be used to structure balanced teams within the SCYLP according to the MYLA standard.


SCYLP is a non-profit organization which provides youth lacrosse for Carroll County residents.  The objectives of this program are to: (1) teach the game of lacrosse; (2) develop physical fitness and coordination; (3) to foster teamwork and (4) to encourage and reinforce good sportsmanship.  Since these goals are sought in a competitive environment, winning and losing may become factors.  Winning and losing are, however, considered incidental to the four primary objectives.  Those who differ in this regard should consider an alternative program.